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Wall Mounted Fume Extractor

Wall-mounted welding fume extractor

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Wall Mounted Fume Extractor

Main Features

1. CE and RoHS certification is approvable.

2. 140 units big project is the best certifying of performance.

3. Application for kinds of welding fume and others dust. For example, GSAW (CO2),

    MMA, TIG, MIG,Laser welding, floating dust and so on.

4. Large air flow, semi-automatically cleaning, wall amounted type saves space of workshop.

5. Good parts make sure the qualilty, for example, Schneider,CHNT electrics, Siemens PLC

    and USA gas pressure switch, Japan Toray filtering material, AKZO Nobel spraying powder etc.

6. Exellent housing and structure design makes sure the machine is durable.


Technical Data

    No.    Item Parameter
1 Fan type centrifugal fan 2800Pa
2 Treatment of air flow 1500±100 m3/h
3 Motor power 1.5 kW
4 Power supply 3×380 or 415V/50Hz
5 Filtration area 10 m2
6 Number of cartridge filters 1 piece
7 Filter medium PTFE coated filter element
8 Filtration efficiency >99.9%
9 Solenoid valve 1 piece
10 Compressed air 5~6 bar
11 Ash hopper volume 7 L
12 Noise ≤74±5dB(A)
13 Weight 117±5kg
14     Dimensions(excluding suction arm)         1221(L)×800(W)×1612(H)mm    
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