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yclone dust removal is a preliminary filtration device for air purification system

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Cyclone dust removal is a preliminary filtration device for air purification system. The cyclone series of Kaisen has rational design, simple structure and adopts axial access type. Treatment of air flow is 3 times that of common cyclone dust removal, and air stream is distributed evenly.


● It is easy to install and maintain. The equipment investment and operating costs are low. It is suitable to

   be preliminary filtration treatment for air purification systems to protect and elongate the life span of filter

   cartridge in air purification system.

● The mesh in the fume inlet is stainless steel mesh sintered with PTFE membrane, which is conducive to

    capturing and settlement of large particles and sparks. The mesh is a patented product of our company.

● It intercepts big flying particles moving with fast-flowing air stream, and make them fall into the dust

   collector directly, filter out big particles and flammable substances in the first place, thus greatly elongate

   filter cartridge’s life span.

Model Vent Air Flow     Air Inlet & Outlet      Dimension (LxWxH)
    KSXF-150     1500~2000 m³/h Φ150 mm 470x506x1479 mm
KSXF-200 2000~3000 m³/h Φ200 mm 637x687x1750 mm
KSXF-250 3000~4000 m³/h Φ250 mm 769x812x1941 mm
KSXF-300 4500~6000 m³/h Φ300 mm 846x878x2323 mm
KSXF-350 6000~7000 m³/h Φ350 mm 1178x1302x2818 mm
KSXF-400 7000~8000 m³/h Φ400 mm 1170x1146x2610 mm
KSXF-450 9000~10000 m³/h Φ450 mm 1222x1312x2563 mm
KSXF-500 10000~13000 m³/h Φ500 mm 1253x1435x3642 mm
KSXF-550 16000~17000 m³/h Φ550 mm 1467x1594x3972 mm
KSXF-600 20000~22000 m³/h Φ600 mm     1754x1706x4180 mm    
KSXF-700     25000~30000 m³/h     Φ700 mm 1253x2655x4502 mm


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