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High Vacuum Fume Filtration Unit , 4 Pcs Suction Holes Portable Smoke Eaters

High Vacuum Fume Filtration Unit , 4 Pcs Suction Holes Portable Smoke Eaters

  • High Light

    welding smoke extractor


    portable smoke eaters

  • Power
  • Vacuum Pressure Arrange
  • Air Flow
  • Voltage
    220V 50Hz
  • Suction Hose
    4 Pcs DN 44
  • Cleaning Way
  • Weight
  • Filtering Area
    20 M2
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Wooden box
  • Delivery Time
    20 work days
  • Payment Terms
    Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    100 Sets per month

High Vacuum Fume Filtration Unit , 4 Pcs Suction Holes Portable Smoke Eaters

4 pcs suction holes high vacuum welding smoke/fume/dust absorber &extractor for protecting workers' health


Work principle


High pressure fan’s working induces strong vacuum suction force, forcing fume to move towards the fume inlet, and enter into the extractor to be purified. While sparks are intercepted by the metal mesh filter element, after that, the fume is ramified evenly by deflector to be filtered by the filter cartridge, during the same time, big particles fall into the dust collector under gravity, and small particles floating in vortex caused by suction force will be filtered by the filter cartridge. Small particles coalesce on filter cartridge’s layer surface, then under gravity fall into the dust collector. Purified air is discharged through the vent into workshop.


Main features


1. It is suitable for the welding occassion of frequently changing.


2. Professional solving the robot welding fume issue with the special suction nozzule.


3. DN51 or DN44 mm hose is available, it is easy to move and install in the process of using.


4. High efficiency vacuum pressure fan makes sure the usage life and suction force & air flow.


5. There is smart full automatically cleaning type with 2-3 suction nozzules model for optional.


6. The power is available from 1.1kw to 20 Kw (1.1,1.5,2.2,3.3,3.4,5.5/7.5/9/11/13/20 Kw), it will

    different requirements.


7. The structure of design is reasonable, the size is small and low noise with large suction force .


Product introduction


Mobile high vacuum fume & dust extractor is an air purification machine with advanced technology and craftsmanship, researched and developed independently by our company based on the specific conditions of welding, cutting and polishing workshops. It can be easily operated with high air flow, low noise, stable performance.


The fume comes from the processing will be sucked into the extractor through the hood, first the fume passes the 1st layer spark intercept steel mesh which will separate and intercept the spark initially. And the fume enters into second layer namely filter preventer plate to avoid residual sparks enter into main filter layer directly through ramifying the fume. At last the fume enters the third layer namely the main filter cartridge for ultimate purification.


The extractor has front connector and can be connected to various professional suction hose, suction welding guns or breathing masks through a hose of Φ44(51)mm.By connecting with hose of Φ44(51)mm and professional nozzle, it also can be used in robot and welding machine’s fume purification.The nozzle is fixed on the welding gun and moves with the welding gun to suck welding smoke simultaneously. It be also used in the welding test and in the cleaning of the training sites.


The extractor can be connected to all kinds of magnetic sucker’s nozzle through the hose, or be connected to 1-2 pieces of high vacuum suction welding guns.


On the control panel, it includes:


- Power Switch


- Fan Switch


- Power indicating light


- Semi-automatic cleaning



Technical parameters


No. Item Parameter
1 Fan type Vacuum fan
2 Treatment of air flow 695±10 m3/h
3 Motor power 3.3kW
4 Power supply 220/50Hz
5 Filtration area 20 m2
6 Cleaning way Semi-automatically cleaning
7 Maximum vacuum pressure 16000-25000 Pa
8 Number of cartridge filters 2 pieces
9 Filter medium HEPA
10 Filtration efficiency >99.9%
11 Solenoid valve 2 pieces
12 Compressed air 5~6 bar
13 Suction hose diameter Four DN44mm
14 Noise ≤74±5dB(A)
15 Weight 205±5kg
16 Dimensions 650(L)×820(W)×1420(H)mm


High Vacuum Fume Filtration Unit , 4 Pcs Suction Holes Portable Smoke Eaters 0