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Central 5.5KW 4500m3/H Cyclone Dust Extraction Systems

Central 5.5KW 4500m3/H Cyclone Dust Extraction Systems

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    4500m3/H Cyclone Dust Extraction Systems


    5.5KW Cyclone Dust Extraction Systems


    Cyclone Central Dust Collector

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    Central Dust Collection System
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    White And Blue
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    2 Years
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    0.1μm 99.9%
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    200 sets per month

Central 5.5KW 4500m3/H Cyclone Dust Extraction Systems

4500m3/H Air Filter Central Dust Collection System For Laser Cutting And Welding





With the development of science and technology, the degree of automation is increasing. From flame cutting to plasma cutting, laser cutting and other production techniques have been continuously promoted and popularized. And these efficient production technologies have also led to more and more serious pollution problems, resulting in more dust in the workplace. Dust remover is imperative before cutting technology is effectively promoted. The cutting gun on the cutting frame can be installed more, and the cutting ability and cutting thickness are continuously increased, more and more harmful smoke and gas produced by the flame. The efficiency of plasma cutting and the continuous increase of cutting thickness make the cutting smoke rising to a surprising extent. Laser cutting produces more subtle soot that is often overlooked, but that is more harmful to the human body. Choose a removal system with good dusting effect and low cost, it is not only the initial investment of the equipment, but also the stability and energy saving that the system runs. We can provide the most effective solution according to the actual situation of the customer, and minimize the harm of cutting smoke.



Plasma cutter fume extractor includes fan, generator and filter unit which is compact structure, smaller floor area, low noise processing equipment. It fully combined with the user's long-term use of feedback, new design patents which make site use and maintenance more convenient and humane.



Main features


 CE certification, RoHS


Filter unit
The dust deflector can be used to protect the air flow and the filter core from the damage of large particles. The filter unit adopts the vertical cover type filter core to quickly install the method to facilitate the removal and maintenance of the filter core The filter unit adopts the quick installation that is vertical end cover type filter. It can be more easier to install and maintain. Vertical filter core make cleaning the ash more thoroughly. The filter core has larger filtration area, lower wind speed and longer life. The filter element adopts imported polyester coated filter material with good air permeability and 99.9% filtration precision that can meet emission requirement.
Fan unit
Fan impeller: the blade and wheel cap is formed integrally through pressing. It is precision positioning, high performance of aerodynamics, high efficiency, low noise and stable performance. Balance level<=4.0(National standard).


Control system
The outside hanging design of the control system can be installed according to the requirements of the operating environment of the equipment. The installation position is more flexible, which reduces the pollution of the internal dust to the electrical components and extends the service life. The control system adopts PLC automatic control. According to the difference working condition, our professional engineers can specifically run the program.



Technical parameters


4500m3/H Air Filter Cyclone Dust Extraction Systems For Laser Cutting And Welding
Model KSDC-8604A KSDC-8604A1
Air flow 4500 (m3/h) 6800 (m3/h)
Motor Power 5.5 (kw) 7.5 (kw)
Voltage 3x380V/50 Hz 3x380V/50 Hz
Filtering area 60(m2) 4 pcs filter cartridge 60(m2) 4 pcs filter cartridge
Surface Cleaning Way Automatic Cleaning Automatic Cleaning
Compressed Air 0.5-0.6 (MPa) 0.5-0.6 (MPa)
Filtration Efficiency >99.9% >99.9%
Noise ≤72 dB(A) ≤72 dB(A)
Demission 1100×1110×2750(mm) 1100×1100×2750(mm)
Weight 730 ±20(kg) 750 ±20(kg)


  1. It can choose different normal accessories such as suction arms, suction welding guns and so on.
  2. We also design a different size’s the suction hood, welding shop and the device of catching dust according to special requirement.
  3. The quotation does not include the cost of accessories.


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Central 5.5KW 4500m3/H Cyclone Dust Extraction Systems 1


Central 5.5KW 4500m3/H Cyclone Dust Extraction Systems 2

What we provide

KAISEN produces a wide range industrial fume/dust extraction and collection equipments, such as mobile welding fume extractor,laser fume/dust collector,soldering fume extractor, mobile high vacuum fume extractor,central high vacuum fume extractor,self-circulation purifying tower,plasma cutting valve-type fume extraction system,central/downdraft grinding dust collector...etc. and other spare parts included.

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Package & Shipping

Package: Package Used Wooden Box without Fumigation

The package would include spare parts box and machine installation tools.