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20500 M³/H Air Flow Dust Extraction System , 16 Units Smoke Filter Air Dust Collector

20500 M³/H Air Flow Dust Extraction System , 16 Units Smoke Filter Air Dust Collector

  • High Light

    industrial dust collection system


    central dust collection system

  • Power
  • Voltage
    380V Or 415V 50Hz
  • Air Flow
    20500 M³/h
  • Filter Area
    180 ㎡
  • Filter Material
    PTFE Coated
  • Cleaning Way
    Automatically Cleaning
  • Type
    Split Up Dust Collector System
  • Dimension
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    wooden box
  • Delivery Time
    25 work days
  • Supply Ability
    100 sets per month

20500 M³/H Air Flow Dust Extraction System , 16 Units Smoke Filter Air Dust Collector

Welding training center 16 units smoke filter system with 20500 m³/h air flow


Product introduction

Split type central dust collector with large airflow is not suitable for the collector integration of design due to the fan and moter measurement is larger.Therefroe we use the design of split type. Seperated the fan and motor sound proof box with silencer makes the noise decline greatly. Inside the dust collector adopts multiple fire-proof steps,to make sure that it is more safe and reliable in the processing of operating.


We can customize to design the device of dust caputuring according to the workpieces size, shape,

welding position,welding craft, welding fume nature, and on-site environment etc integrated factor. Also we provide the common mass production kinds of suction arm, suction nozzle,suctin welding cap, suction

welding guns etc. Meanwhile, to point some special requirement of work units, we also design the

different size welding house, manual/air/electric suction hood and the other types fume captureing device


Split Type Central Control system implements real-time monitoring and analysis on a number of    important parameter of equipments in the operation and show them in the display, and it has self- 

diagnosis function, showing abnormal and error conditions in the operation of the equipment

automatically.The central dust & fume purification system' s performance is controlled by PLC controlling system.


Split Type Central fume&dust purifier is a series product researched, developed and designed by

the company based on the requirements of different site conditions.The structure of split type units is designed to large and reasonable. A complete series of specifications has been developed to

meet the on-site different work-in-conditions, whether large-scale welding or grinding shop, or weldingcenters, robotic welding production lines, plasma, or laser cutting blanking production lines, you can find suitable product model.


The functionality of a filter lies in the filter element' s material, Kaisen's filter element is specially

developed for the purification of fume and fine particles generated in welding and cutting, solved thisindustry's problem of low filtration precision and filter element's blocking. And the outer surface

of the cartridge is covered by a layer of PTFE coated layer through heat treatment a special

process.Cartridge wall is thin in structure and has high strength, and the surface film layer has a

very uniform pores, making a network structure with a bore diameter of 0.1 microns below.


Rotary dust blowing device is inserted inside the filter cartridge, and very close to the cartridge's inner  wall.When the solenoid valve opens, compressed air enter into two pipes drilled with nozzles,     

implementing rotary blowing to clean every part of the filter cartridge. Compared with externally placed 

blowing nozzles, rotary dust blowing "nozzles" blow force is even on every part of the cartridge, and have a thorough cleaning, avoid big noise and damage to the cartridge caused by instant huge blow impact of  the externally placed blowing method.


To the position polluted by a little oil mist, the company's special spray device not only dilutes oil mist

and prevents the dust from attaching to the filter surface to reduce its service life, but also plays a role in fire prevention.



1. High levels of smoke and dust,

2. Traning centres and robotic welding lines,

3. Plasma and flame cutting systems,

4. Welding and grinding shops


Main features

1. CE certification is available. 

2. It has adjustable air flow function though frequency converter. 

3. Application for 14-18 welding units fume disposal, big plasma cutting fume disposal and robot welding

    housing fume disposal and so on.

4. Large air flow, automatically cleaning, maintaining easy, preprocessor to intercept the spark, filter    

    quickly installation design. 

5. Good parts make sure the qualilty, for example, Schneider,CHNT electrics, Siemens PLC and montoring

    screen, USA gas-pressure switch, Japan Toray filtering material, AKZO Nobel spraying powder etc.


Technical parameters

No. Item Parameter
1 Fan type centrifugal fan
2 Treatment of air flow 20500±100 m3/h
3 Motor power 22 kW
4 Power supply 3×380 or 415V/50Hz
5 Filtration area 180m2
6 Number of cartridge filters 12 pieces
7 Filter medium PTFE coated filter element
8 Filtration efficiency >99.9%
9 Solenoid valve 12 pieces
10 Compressed air 5~6 bar
11 Ash hopper volume 100L
12 Noise ≤75±5dB(A)
13 Weight 1450±20kg (Not fan)
14 Dimensions(excluding fan)




20500 M³/H Air Flow Dust Extraction System , 16 Units Smoke Filter Air Dust Collector 0