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Easy Operate Mobile Welding Fume Extractor , Mobile Industrial Dust Extractor

Easy Operate Mobile Welding Fume Extractor , Mobile Industrial Dust Extractor

  • High Light

    portable fume extraction units


    mobile fume extraction units

  • Power
    3 KW
  • Voltage
    3x380V -415V 50 Hz
  • Air Flow
  • Fillering Precision
    PTFE Filter, 0.1 μm
  • Noise
    ≤74±5 Db
  • Weight
  • Demension
  • Suction Arm
    DN200mm, 1 Pc, 3M
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    2 sets
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    wooden box, 1010*1020*1890mm excluding arms,
  • Delivery Time
    30 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    200 Sets per month

Easy Operate Mobile Welding Fume Extractor , Mobile Industrial Dust Extractor

Large air flow smoke catcher&acquirer with metal suction hood and DN200mm arm
Product introduction
1. Mobile intelligent welding fume extractor has two directional and two rotary polyurethane casters with

    brake device for easy moving and stationing. It is suitable for the purification of fume and dust

    generated in all kinds of welding, grinding and other places as well as for collecting rare metal

    particles and precious material.  


2. The fume comes from the processing will be sucked into the extractor through the hood, first the fume        passes the 1st layer spark intercept steel mesh which will separate and intercept the spark initially.

    And the fume enters into second layer namely filter preventer plate to avoid residual sparks enter into        main filter layer directly through ramifying the fume. At last the fume enters the third layer namely the

    main filter cartridge for ultimate purific he filtration efficiency can reach 99.9%.


3. Intelligent model using PLC automatic control makes operation easy; filter rotates with the use of full-

    automatic cleaning in all directions, so that there is a more thorough cleaning filter surface, always to        guarantee aconstant air volume absorption; Filter is made of imported microporous PTFE film ,

    filtering with high precision can meet GB indoor emission standards.


4. Power phase sequence instructions, short-circuit protection for lack of phase, with shutdown     

    protection measures when too high temperature.(Optional)


5. With large air volume, low noise and better capture effect. Suction hose uses the real anti-

    temperature, wear-resistant compounded materials, without crack and damage for sparks but longer



6. On the control panel, it includes:
    - Power switch
    - Power indicating light
    - PLC implementation of filter automatically cleaning
    - Fan rotation direction monitor (Inside the control box)

Working principle

Separation: Dust laden fume are sucked into the extractor by the suction force induced by fan’s working, with deflector fume’s flowing speed is slowed, big practical and sparks are cooled, separated and then settle into dust collector. Fine fume and dust enter into filter compartment to be filtered by the filter
cartridge. The filter cartridge is coated with PTFE film which is covered with uniform pores, it has good air permeability, and dusts are filtered out on its surface. Purified air enters into the filter cartridge’s interior and then discharged into workshop directly or out of the workshop through pipe line.

Cleaning: When dusts accumulate continuously on filter cartridge’s surface, the pressure difference between its interior and exterior will increase steadily, when the pressure difference reach pre-set value(1500Pa), the pulse valve will open, dry, oil-free compressed air rush into the reverse blow cleaning system. The system rotate and high pressure air stream jet at the interior of filter cartridge, blow off dusts accumulated on the filter cartridge’s surface, dusts fall into dust collector under gravity, thus the whole cartridge’s surface is cleaned.

This extractor can be automatically cleaned and manually cleaned, automatically cleaning is as following:

1. When air pressure difference reach 1500Pa between the interior and exterior of the filter cartridge, the

    system will implement interval rotation pulse blow cleaning.

2. When the fan stops working, the system will implement rotation pulse blow cleaning for three times.
Main features
1. CE certification and EMC test report is approvable.
2. Application for large fume occasion, the force of sucking is large. 
3. Large air flow is adjustable through the air flow valve on the suction hood.

4. Automatically cleaning, maintenance easy, the machine service life is long. 

5. Export many years, we are professional manufacturer in this field. 

6. We will supply 24 months warranty besides quick-wear parts 

Technical parameters 



Item Parameter
1 Fan type centrifugal fan
2 Treatment of air flow 2800±100 m3/h
3 Motor power 3 kW 
4 Power supply 3×380 or 415V/50Hz
5 Filtration area 20m2
6 Number of cartridge filters 2 pieces
7 Filter medium PTFE coated filter element
8 Filtration efficiency >99.9%
9 Solenoid valve 2 pieces
10 Compressed air 5~6 bar
11 Ash hopper volume 15L
12 Noise ≤74±5dB(A)
13 Weight 266±10kg
14 Dimensions(excluding suction arm) 800(L)×800(W)×1633(H)mm